Sunday, December 2, 2007

What Does Rugby Mean to You?

Throughout the past few weeks I have spent some time talking with teammates and friends about the aspects of rugby they most enjoy. I asked a few people to write these reasons down and send them to me to be included in this blog. I present one such excerpt to you now:

"Even though rugby bears only marginal similarities to American football, it was my passion for football that got me initially interested in rugby. Ever since the end of high school football, I was looking for a sport with the similar physicality and rugged intensity that football brings out in athletes. I was able to find those elements in rugby, but I also found a very unique sport that
was interesting in its own right. The distinctive combination of endurance, strength, speed and intelligence required to excel at rugby was intriguing and I was quickly hooked. I enjoyed being committed to an athletic endeavor with a group of outstanding athletes that previously only IM sports had closely approximated in college. Off of the pitch, I also enjoyed learning about the
rich history and lore of the sport. There was much to learn and luckily, my growing interest in rugby coincided with the 2007 Rugby World Cup so I was quickly able to observe some world class rugby. Hence with only one short semester of rugby under my belt, I’m very excited that I still have a lot more rugby to look forward to in the coming semesters."
-Adam Nelson

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